The Whole Truth

Do you swear to tell the truth and nothing but the truth so help you God? We have all heard this saying before right? The truth is known to be very subjective which means that when someone says that they are telling you the truth, that truth is coming from their stand point and what they believe to be true. This also means that the feelings and emotional status that accompanies that truth is also true to the person who reveals their truth.

I have had many conversations with people and have seen plenty of things that may make me question a “Truth”. It isn’t that I think someone doesn’t have the right to divulge their truth but I also use common sense, logic, gut feeling or my intuition to establish a connection to a truth. If the truth doesn’t match up with logic or reasoning then I am left to question that truth and dig a little deeper to find the meaning or purpose behind that truth. I say this if and and only if that truth serves a purpose in your life and if it does not, then just leave that truth to it’s own life because at some point the character of that truth will not be hidden for long.

As a human being, I realize that we are not perfect and we make mistakes but I have never been quick to say someone isn’t being truthful. It is not up to me to believe or not believe in someone’s truth because what is done in the dark will come to light. I am bad at not telling the truth and I will admit it. I wear my feelings on my face and it is hard for me to hide what I am thinking. I can tell on myself real easy by not being able to keep my story straight about the first truth that I claimed to be the the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth. My goal is to be as truthful as possible and sometimes telling the truth is hard and in some cases it can be damaging. Some people really can’t handle the truth when it is exposed and proven to be the truth.

Decipher for yourself what is true and what is not. Try not to be so quick to jump on a a “TRUTH” bandwagon or a “TRUTH” journey. To put it more plainly, someone’s truth doesn’t have to line up with what someone else feels, thinks, or believes to be true and it also doesn’t mean that truth it is untrue. Truth is true until it isn’t true or until there is sufficient evidence or proof to say otherwise.

Korea L. Howard

“Keep up with me now so you don’t have to catch up with me later!”